How to Detangle Your Natural Hair

Tangled hair is the bane of the natural haired woman’s existence.

It is to be avoided at all costs and natural hair brands invest tons of product development time and effort into creating the best products to help you detangle easily.

We would know!

We have a detangling products in our You Be-Natural line that we’re pretty proud of. The Tangle Knock Out (TKO)/Leave-In Detangler helps soften hair, smooth the cuticle and remove knots and tangles with ease.

While having a great product is paramount to your success when it comes to untangling the tangles, it is not the only thing you need to understand to smooth out those locks efficiently.

How to Detangle Natural Hair

Here are some need to knows, tips, tricks, and suggestions for making your detangling process as quick, easy, and painless as possible.

Prevent the Tangles

The fewer the tangles, the easier the process. As much as we’d like to say we’ve discovered the answer to entirely tangle-free hair, the truth of the matter is that life is tangly, and some tangling of your hair is simply unavoidable. To get ahead of it, though, start by maintaining healthy ends with regular trims. Split ends ensnare each other and cause your hair to tangle. Dryness is another culprit. Make sure your ends stay moisturized as well. Finally, when you go to bed at night, be sure you wrap your hair, pineapple it, or place it in some other protective style so that you can reduce the amount of tangling that occurs while you sleep. And, don’t forget that satin bonnet! You can read our natural hair at night tips to educate yourself on proper nighttime care.

Start With a Great Product Line

Moisturizing matters. You want your hair to be as hydrated as possible to prevent dry, brittle ends that tend to tangle. Our Deep Moisturizing & Softening Mayonnaise Conditioner is a great place to start to help you create strong, nutrient rich hair that will naturally be less tangled. Also, choose a detangling product that will work on your hair. Our TKO/Leave-In Detangler is designed to be effective for all hair types and textures. So, whether you’re a 2B or a 4C girl, you will find this product can help make detangling simpler.

Detangle While Wet

And full of conditioner. Combing your hair out while in a slippery conditioner will make the process easier.

Section Your Hair

Sectioning your hair allows you to detangle more easily and prevents the other sections from getting more tangled as they dry. To make it work for you, simply section your hair into manageable chunks. Tie up the ones you’re not detangling and only untie them as you’re ready to work through them. Some women even choose to wash and condition in sections to prevent the hair from ensnaring more.

Use A Wide Tooth Comb

Many naturalistas agree that brushes are evil incarnate and wide tooth combs save natural hair lives. This doesn’t mean that there don’t exist brushes that can get the detangling job done for your natural hair, it just means that you need to be diligent about which you choose and careful when you first begin to use them. Start with a wide tooth plastic comb and work your way up from there.

Once you learn the process for detangling your natural hair, your style game will also begin to fall in live and you will be on the journey to natural hair lovin’ in no time!

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