How to Get More Defined Curls

Curl definition is a goal of so many naturalistas!

Sadly frizz, poor product choices, and other factors tend to get in the way.

But, hope is not lost!

How to Get More Defined Curls

These tips can help you create more defined curls to enhance your styles.

Start with the Right Products

There are so many products out there because they all do different things. We have products designed to moisturize, products to stretch, products to soften, and products to define. Make sure you chose a product that will help you achieve your goal of ultimate definition. Our Curl Perfect Forming Mousse and our Curl Moisturizing and Defining Spray are great items to start with.

Try a Braid Out or a Twist Out

Many naturalistas are familiar with these techniques for stretching their curls, but they can also help you enjoy more defined curls. The technique you use to complete your braid out or twist will greatly determine whether or not you achieve the results you desire. Regardless, ensure that you section your hair to the size you want your curls to be, braid or twist your hair in the direction you want it to lay, and always allow ample time for drying –one of the primary reasons braid out and twist outs fail is that they are unbraided/untwisted while still damp.

Try Perm Rods or Flexi Rods

The styles you can create with these tools is nearly endless and they allow you to achieve curls you otherwise may have struggled with. They come in many diameters and can be used to create curls of a variety of shapes and sizes. Note that using these tools will probably cause you to also experience shrinkage.

Touch Your Hair Less

Over-manipulation of your hair can quickly lead to frizz. Frizz is the natural enemy of definition. Once you’ve styled your hair and added product, keep your hands to yourself.

Good luck in your curl defining mission! We hope these tips will help you achieve the defined styles you want with your natural hair.

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