5 Things No One Told You About Going Natural

5 Things No One Told You About Going Natural

The decision to go natural is a big deal!

We all get that, we all know the struggle.

One of your goals here at You Be Natural is to ensure that you are supported through your natural hair journey –with products, with resources, with tips and tricks.

5 Things No One Told You About Going Natural

We want you to love your natural hair and that starts with making sure you are informed from the very beginning.

You Might Not Love It

At least not at first. Just like any lifestyle change –healthy eating, working out, learning to love your natural hair may take time. You have to figure out a style that works for you. You’ll need to find products that are good for your texture. You’ll need to get used to the time it takes to manage your mane. We think loving your natural hair is, um, natural, but we also understand that getting to that place can take time.

You Might Love It More Than You Thought

Many naturalistas say that when they big chopped they instantly fell in love with themselves and their hair all over again! They felt free, they felt empowered, they felt more beautiful than they ever had before! That’s a pretty spectacular feeling that may make taking the plunge worth it.

You Don’t Have to Big Chop

But, there is no shame in transitioning! Finding the path to natural is different for everyone and there is nothing wrong with doing it in a way that makes you comfortable. Which you choose depends entirely on your personal preferences and lifestyle.

Your Texture May Not Be What You Expected

Depending on how long it has been since you’ve seen your natural hair, what you remember may or may not be what you get when you make the change back to natural. Your texture may have changed just as much as your perspective and attempting to anticipate exactly what your hair will be like once you’re fully natural again can lead to disappointment –or pleasant surprise! Just remember to be open to the change and willing to embrace the results and your journey will be a more pleasant one.

You May Get Some Negative Feedback

Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates natural hair. Some people in your life may be unsupportive of your change and critical of your new look. Prepare yourself to deal with their comments and don’t let their negativity dissuade you from achieving your goal.

Going natural is a major lifestyle change for those who choose to undertake it. We hope you will turn to us and our natural hair community if you need support!

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