Headwrap Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

Wrap Wednesday is a tradition in the naturalista community.

We love seeing so many women get into the trend and enjoy incorporating traditional African wraps and turbans into their styles, and we are inspired by their ability to create such vibrant looks with them.

We know many of you are eager to learn how to do them as well so we rounded up some of our favorite tutorials, tips, and tricks to help get you wrapping in no time.

Headwrap Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

Get Creative with Your Wraps

Use scarves, buy pretty fabric, think outside of the box, and have fun. The thing to remember is that the wrap is a fashion accessory and should be styled accordingly.

Moisturize Your Hair

Rocking a wrap all day is basically like a protective style in that your hair can get a little rest and enjoy a little moisturizing too! You can treat your scalp with our Jamaican Black Castor Oil Scalp Soothing Ointment and also use your favorite oil to moisturize your ends before you wrap.

Make It Simple

Your first turban doesn’t need to be intricate or elaborate. Start with a basic tutorial so you can get the hang of it.

Wear It Whether Your Hair is Short or Long

Wrapping works for hair of all lengths and textures. Whether you have a TWA or long flowy locks, you can rock a turban.

Protect Your Locks

Depending on what type of scarf you go with, the material, if worn directly against your hair, can suck out moisture and cause damage. Make sure you use a satin cap or scarf beneath your wrap to cover and protect your hair from the material of the scarf.

Check out these three tutorials for some ideas on how to incorporate headwraps into your life.

Top Knot Head Wrap Tutorial & How-To, by Iamghogho

This easy step-by-step tutorial shows how easy it is to wrap with just a fun and funky piece of fabric from your local fabric store.

2 Minute Wrap Tutorial Short Hair, by AnnisaLiMara

This easy, two minute tutorial is perfect for those with short natural hair.

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Tie Your Duku, by FusionofCultures

For these eager to get a little more versatile, this video features five separate techniques you can try.

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