Ingredients in Natural Hair Products

No sulfates.

Paraben free.

Fragrance free.

Everyone who purchases natural hair products is accustomed to seeing these words splayed across the bottles of their favorite products, but what does it all mean?

Why are sulfates bad? What are parabens anyway? And what’s wrong with fragrance? We love to smell good!

We are breaking down the ingredients used in hair products and giving you a peek behind the curtain to help you understand how and why we create You Be-Natural to be safe for you and your natural hair.

Ingredients in Natural Hair Products: What You Need to Know 

What are Sulfates?

Without delving too far into the science of it all, sulfates in hair products are primarily used to get you clean – they allow dirt and oil to be released from your skin and carried away from you with water. They have been used in body cleansing products since the early 1900s and have been proven safe by many studies (nope, they don’t cause cancer!). So why avoid them? Because your hair will possibly be healthier without them. Sulfates can be irritating and drying to your scalp and hair. For those trying to grow strong, soft, natural hair, products with sulfates in them may work against your constant desire to moisturize.

Want to know more about sulfates?  Check out this article: Do You Need to Worry About Sulfates in Your Shampoo?

What are Parabens?

Parabens are a type of preservative used to prevent the growth of fungi and mold in cosmetic products. They basically extend the shelf life of your products so that you can use them longer. So why wouldn’t you want that? When it comes down to it, it’s more a matter of why do you? While no evidence leads to these preservatives being harmful or dangerous for your skin or hair, many naturalistas are more natural leaning in general and prefer to limit the additives and unnecessary chemicals their bodies encounter. With that in mind, many natural skin and hair products are eager to eliminate unnecessary elements of their products. Parabens is one that seems to make its way off the ingredient list pretty quickly.

You can read more about them here: FDA on Parabens in Cosmetics

Are Fragrances Bad? 

Not really. Just like the previously discussed elements found in many cosmetic products, it’s more about preference than anything. Many natural hair products don’t include added fragrance as they derive it naturally from the natural ingredients (things like coconut and Cocoa Butter will have a scent). For those who are fragrance sensitive, a fragrance free product may be their best option.

What Does You Be-Natural Have?

You Be-Natural prides itself on being a product made with naturalistas of all textures in mind. Most of our cleansing and styling products are water based (meaning you will see it as the first listed ingredient on our packaging) and they all include a potent blend of natural oils and ingredients to help create nutrient rich, well moisturized hair. Take a quick look through our ingredients list and you will see “good for you” fatty-alcohols that help with slip, what you need to get detangled more easily, vitamins, and proteins.

If you have questions about our ingredients, we are always happy to oblige! Feel free to contact us via our social media channels or send us an email with your questions!

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