5 Things to Know About Locking Your Hair

This history of locs is long and deep.

Found among countless cultures throughout history, dreadlocks tend to be more than a basic style choice. For many who choose to lock their hair, the choice is rooted in both cultural and historical significance.

However, some do simply like the style and ease it provides you when it comes to wearing your hair natural.

Before you endeavor to lock your hair, here are a few important things to consider.

Locs: 5 Things to Know About Locking Your Hair

There Are Two Different Types of Locs

The traditional locs many of us associate with those worn by members of the Rastafarian culture that date back centuries, and Sisterlocs, a newer, more modern twist on the style. The resulting styles are similar in that your hair will be loc’d when you complete the process, however the process to begin and maintain them is quite different.

Many Consider Locs a Semi Permanent Choice

Once you begin wearing locs, the process of removing them can be challenging and time consuming. Similarly to going natural after a relaxer, many wearers choose to big chop and start fresh when they are ready for a change of pace. Depending on a variety of factors (type of loc, maintenance process, hair texture, removal process), they may be able to be removed without significant damage and hair loss. Doing so requires a large time investment, patience, and technique. You may want to seek the assistance of a stylist.

Your Haircare Regimen Will Be Cut Down Significantly

Once your locs are in and rocking, the time required to style your hair each day will be negligible. Also, expect your wash day time to be minimized as well. You will eliminate the detangling step, which, for many naturalistas, is the most time consuming and difficult element.

Your Product Budget Will Reduce Dramatically

Yes, you still need to wash and moisturize your hair as well as oil your scalp when you have locs, you just may not need to do it as frequently. Additionally, you will require few if any styling products on a regular basis. You will truly enjoy wash and go hair!

Be Gentle with Your Twists

You don’t want to twist too tightly or too frequently. Breakage and hair loss can be an issue if you don’t care for your edges properly. And remember, part of the beauty of locs is that they are kind of like snowflakes, no two are the exact same. It is this freedom and variability that makes them such an intriguing and artful style choice.

Remember to do your research before you begin locking your hair. You want to maintain hair health as you go through the process.

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