10 Natural Hair Women Share What They Love About You Be-Natural

Choosing natural hair care products that truly make your hair it’s best can be hard.

It’s the reason so many of us are product junkies –always on the hunt for the perfect solution to all of our natural hair woes.

We are firm believers in our products and their ability to help you reach all of your natural hair goals, regardless of your texture. We have worked with top notch product developers and texture stylists to create the most nourishing, beneficial, effective natural hair care products that are as affordable as they are good for your hair.

That said, we know how important firsthand experience is!

We reached out to some of our favorite naturalistas and asked them to share with us what they love about You Be-Natural products.

Here’s what they had to say.

10 Natural Hair Women Share What They Love About You Be-Natural

“I’ve tried them all. They are wonderful products. My hair loves @youbenatural… hands down. The moisture that the products give are the bomb.” @shiree71, Instagram

“…Botanical Curl Shaping Custard, it’s the first I’ve tried but I love it because my hair held moisture with it for more days, and it makes my curls elongated and shiny.” –@nativelynatural, Instagram

“I used You Be-Natural’s Tangle Me Knot Detangling Shampoo to wash my hair and my daughters’ hair. The best part about the Shampoo is that the shampoo does not tangle the hair. So yes, the product is true to its name.” –Elle, Cleverly Changing

“She used the @youbenatural products I received. Specifically the #YouBeNatural Botanical Curl Perfect Forming Mousse and the Botanical Curl Shaper Custard for tightly coiled textures. Great definition, perfect hold and no flaking. My curls are still intact today.” –Amma, All Things Amma Mama

“This stuff works absolute wonders! My hair feels incredibly soft.” –Curls Aunaturel

Watch her video here: Luster’s You Be-Natural on Wash Day

“My hair was moisturized. My curls bounced back. And, my scalp was even moisturized.” –Kinky Crown, Deep Moisturizing and Softening Mayonnaise Conditioner

“Hands down, my favorite, favorite, favorite product of the whole line… this one replaced my holy grail (Shea Moisture product). I was shocked, SHOCKED, how much definition I had in my hair when I rinsed it out… it’s a dream! I’m going to continue to use it.” –Jungle Naps, Deep Moisturizing and Softening Mayonnaise Conditioner

Watch her video here: How to Moisturize Natural Hair with You Be-Natural

“This edge tamer promises all day hold. It is just amazing. It is amazing. And I love it… This all day hold is promised and is guaranteed.” –Curly Monroe, Edge Tamer All Day Hold Gel

Watch her video here: Best Edge Control Ever

As a Type 4 natural mama, I like to refresh my hair in the morning before I head out the door for the day. The spray revives my coils and keeps them soft for the day. Thankfully, the spray is budget-friendly, so I’m always stocked.” –Joyce, Mommy Talk Show, Curl Moisturizing and Defining Spray

Which You Be-Natural product is your favorite?

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