Falling In Love With Your Natural Hair: 5 Things You Can Do

Just because you go natural doesn’t mean you will instantly fall in love with your new style.

While many argue that loving your natural hair should be natural, we also know that, in reality, for women making the switch back natural, getting to that point take more than just hope and desire!

Learning to love your natural hair is a process, it takes time, and effort, and commitment to get to a place where you can love something new, including something that may be new to you now!

But we also think everyone can get there eventually!

Falling in Love with Your Natural Hair: 5 Things You Can Do

Just like any other life change, you will have to work to get to the point where you love your natural hair.

Change Your Expectations

When you made the choice to “go natural” you, like most of us, probably had an idea of how your journey would go. Unfortunately, there are a number of unpredictable’s in the process –your texture, your feelings, your process, and how the products you’ve chosen interact with your hair will play a role. Once you are fully immersed in the natural hair journey, take a step back and reevaluate your expectations. Set some new goals that you know are achievable and determine a process to help you do so. Unrealistic expectations are the key to unhappiness for many, adjust yours and you will likely find loving your natural hair easier!

Think Beyond the Day to Day

You may encounter daily struggles with regards to your natural hair, but we urge you to think beyond those. Look at how having natural hair makes you feel about yourself as a woman of color and focus on embracing that while you learn to more efficiently care for and style your hair.

Find Your Community

A supportive community where people get your struggle and encourage your success can really go a long way! When you find your tribe –your group of like-minded naturalistas who are available to provide guidance and support, you will find that loving your natural hair becomes easier. Plus, on hard days, you will know just where to go for some positivity and inspiration. Our Facebook page is a great place to start!

Figure Out Your Go-To Style

People like easy and if you can find and easy way to style your hair, you will certainly find that you enjoy it more. Take some time to work with your hair, get to know your new texture and works and what doesn’t. It may take some time learn a quick and easy process, but once you do, you will undoubtedly love your hair more.

Give Yourself Time

Remember, going natural is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to regrow after a big chop, it takes time to learn what products work for your hair and which don’t, it takes time to learn how to style your hair in ways that are easy and pleasing to you. Give yourself that time –give your hair that time.

We want every naturalista to love her natural hair. Reach out to us, join us on our social channels, and feel free to share your struggles and celebrate your wins!

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