Your Natural Hair at Night: Easy Ways to Ensure Great Morning Hair

We’ve all known this person or been this person who doesn’t want to go to bed the night after getting our hair laid, and who vows to sleep in the chair in the corner to prevent ruining its doneness!

We get it!

You want to keep those locks looking fresh and the idea of messing them up at bedtime is almost too much to bear.

But torturing yourself by sitting upright in an uncomfortable chair at night is not your only option. Nor is waking up at the crack of dawn to redo your style.

Your Natural Hair at Night: Easy Ways to Ensure Great Morning Hair

Here are some things you can do to make sure your morning hair is on point.

Wrap It Up 

Wrapping your hair at night protects it from tearing and tangling. Be sure you use a satin bonnet or scarf to protect your hair. Cotton and other materials will snag and break your hair as it rubs against your strands while you’re sleeping.


Every woman has heard this term and it is a great option for nighttime as it allows you to go to sleep and wake up with your style still intact. But how?! You tie your hair on top of your head, like a pineapple. Wrap it loosely so you don’t crease it too much, and allow it to sit as much on top of your head, close to your forehead, as possible so you don’t sleep on the strands. When you awake, let your hair down, give it a shake and spritz with your Curl Moisturizing and Defining Spray, and you’re ready to rock and roll!

Add Moisture

Moisture is easily lost throughout the night while we are sleeping. So, to prevent a dry, frizzy mess in the morning, take some time to moisturize at night. We think our Moisture Lock Curl Lotion is a great option. Just add a little to your strands before you tuck them away for the night and wake up to more supple curls in the morning.

Twist It 

Or braid it. Or put it into some other protective style. It may take more time, and your original style may not be just intact, but you can rest assured that your morning hair won’t require hours of detangling. Plus, if you decide to moisten your hair, twist it, and then untwist it in the morning (ensuring it has dried) your style may have an even more exciting look!

Your natural hair requires nighttime care if you want to keep it healthy, detangled, and ready for greatness in the morning. Don’t leave your look or your locks to chance!

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