5 Natural Oils for Your Hair and How We Use Them in You Be-Natural

When you read our product labels, we are proud to say that you can probably pronounces most of the ingredients you see.

But that doesn’t mean you know what they are or why we use them!

Our products are packed with natural ingredients and oils our research has discovered can do amazing things for our natural hair and we want to tell you about them.

5 Natural Oils for Your Hair and How We Use Them in You Be-Natural

Each of the oils below can be found in our products –learn why we use them and what they can do for your natural hair.

Argan Oil

A natural oil derived from the argan tree, this oil is used as a deep conditioner and moisturizer for hair. It also helps to reduce frizz, add shine, and protect hair from the elements. We love that it is a non-greasy option that will benefit your hair without also making it heavy and weighed down.

Coconut oil 

We know all naturalistas have heard about the magical benefits of coconut oil. Well, we say, do believe the hype! Coconut oil truly does have the ability to heal the ills of your natural hair. And the benefits start from the root. It nourishes and moisturize the scalp to encourage the growth of healthy hair. It is said to penetrate the hair follicle to strengthen it and prevent breakage. It is also often used in products to combat frizz and dandruff. Try our 3-N-1 Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner and see how coconut oil can add to your wash day.

Safflower Seed Oil 

Found in our Curl Shaper Custard, safflower seed oil is filled with Vitamin E, a nutrient known to have a positive impact on your scalp. Safflower seed oil has also been known to protect and nourish hair follicles. It can also help promote hair growth and thickness because is stimulates blood circulation.

Jojoba Oil 

A natural oil used to strengthen the hair shaft to protect it and promote healthy growth. It hydrates, moisturizes, adds volume, and increases shine, elasticity, and softness of hair. You can read more about how jojoba oil works and why we love it in this post: You Be-Natural and Jojoba Oil.

Castor Oil 

A natural oil used to promote hair growth. Is said to help prevent split ends, treat dandruff and dry scalp, and add moisture and shine to the hair. We’ve included it in our Jamaican Black Castor Oil Scalp Soother Ointment that helps relieve dry, itchy scalp.

Which natural oils do you find are most beneficial for your hair?

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