Naturalista of the Month: Amma from All Things Amma Mama

We’re so excited to bring you another edition of our Meet A Naturalista series and are happy to introduce you to the lovely Amma from All Things Amma Mamma.

Amma is a DC based naturalista who writes the blog All Things Amma Mama. There she shares her natural hair styles, fashion, travel, and things about her Ghanaian culture and heritage. Based in the DMV, but originally from Ghana, she has a unique style and perspective that makes her online space interesting and fun for women who love fashion, style, and African culture.

We had the chance to sit down with her at the Ubiquitous Hair Show this summer in DC and chat with her about natural hair.

Naturalista of the Month: Amma from All Things Amma Mama

Her Blog

All Things Amma Mama is a natural hair, lifestyle blog. I talk about my culture and heritage as well. I’m from Ghana so I share about Ghanaian history, culture, and my visits there. I love accessories –I’m a big jewelry person so I talk a lot about different accessories and where I purchase them. I just cover everything about life as a young woman in the DMV.

Her Best Natural Hair Tip

I would say protective styling. I’m able to retain length and basically protect the health of my hair with protective styling. I notice when I leave my hair out a lot, it breaks and it gets damaged and dry, but when I protect it and braid it, it flourishes like crazy. I always recommend that people protective style their hair. And try to keep your hands out of it. Don’t manipulate it too much –just low maintenance is the way to go.

All Things Amma Mama

Her Advice For Those Thinking About Going Natural

If you’re thinking about going natural, I advise that you find out quickly which products work for you. I am not much of a product junkie. I am very simple with my products. You must find what works best for you and for your texture and develop your regimen around that. Every product isn’t going to work for every person.

Her Natural Hair Story

I basically got my first relaxer when I was about 6 years old. I started my transition when I was older and I remember that my relaxed hair and my natural hair were basically in battle –it was a tangled mess. So, I had to chop off the relaxed hair. I had my stylist do it for me when I was about 21. I big chopped and I was actually really embarrassed to wear my hair out then. I wore a beret for the rest of the semester.  At first, I was confident, but then someone told me that it wasn’t for me and I got really insecure. Eventually, I got over it and now I love my hair and I love wearing it out. I hope it inspires other women too.

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