Natural and Expecting: Pregnancy and Your Hair

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman’s life.

A new life is growing, a new lifestyle is starting, and your hair is probably not here for any of it!

The hormones are doing their thing and often that means your hair is going to be showing it.

As you navigate pregnancy and new motherhood, here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to your hair.

Natural and Expecting: Pregnancy and Your Hair

We want you to enjoy every element of your pregnancy, including your hair!

Prepare for the Unknown

There is really no way to predict how your body is going to respond to pregnancy. Even women who have been pregnant previously are known to experience pregnancy differently each time. While your BFF make glow and enjoy voluminous hair, you could be washed out and stringy. Time will only tell and you should be prepared to address whatever hair hormones provides you with. You may experience texture changes and hair loss among other things. On the other hand, you may experience less shedding, more volume, and shine like you’ve never seen before.

Why Your Hair May Be Beautiful

The estrogen your body is producing combined with the prenatal vitamins you’re taking may make your hair stronger and healthier. That means for a few months, you may actually have the best hair of your life! Make sure you enjoy it. Try some new styles, have a little fun, and enjoy those healthy strands while they last.

Get a Protective Style Under Your Belt

You will thank yourself for those days when the morning sickness and the back pain and the exhaustion are getting to you. Plus, you might want to consider a nice protective style for your baby’s birthday. You won’t want to worry about your hair when you’re busy bringing a new life into the world.

Prepare for the Aftermath

Many women experience hair loss and thinning following their pregnancies. It is a result of the hormonal changes that swoop in after you give birth. Some women experience this hair loss for many weeks and even months following and it may result in unfortunate bald spots. In most cases, when your hormones level out, your hair will recover. However, if you are particularly concerned, be sure to talk to your healthcare practitioner about your options.

No matter what impact your pregnancy and subsequent childbirth has on your hair, enjoy your exciting new life –your hair will recover!

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