Teaching Self-love: How to Encourage Your Daughter to Love Her Natural Hair

The desire to show our daughters that we are proud of our natural hair is strong in the naturalista community.

In fact, countless women have shared with us that one of their main inspirations for their choice to go back to wearing their natural hair was motherhood and their desire to show self-love as a way to encourage their daughters to do the same.

Unfortunately, many young naturalistas struggle to truly love and embrace their natural hair –expressing that they wish their hair was different and wishing that they could change it.

As a mother, it’s heartbreaking to hear that your child doesn’t love every inch of herself as much as you do!

If your child is struggling with self-love as it pertains to her natural hair, here are some things you can do to help.

Teaching Self-Love: How to Encourage Your Daughter to Love Her Natural Hair

Be Her Best Role Model

Every daughter wants to look just like their mommy and, if you aren’t embracing your natural hair, convincing your daughter to do so might be a challenge. If that natural life really just isn’t for you, find a natural role model in your family or community with whom she can connect. And talk to her about why you’ve chosen the path you have and why you hope that, no matter how she chooses to wear her hair, you want her to love her natural hair too. You want her to understand why loving her natural hair is important to you.

Empower Her with Education

There are few things more frustrating than spending hours struggling with your hair only to wind up with a tangled, unmanageable mess. Help your daughter test and select products that will benefit her texture. Teach her how to care for her hair. Help her to find some go-to styles that she feels good wearing. The less of a struggle the day to day care and styling is, the more she will embrace and enjoy her locks.

Speak Positively About Her Hair

No matter how much of a struggle caring for your child’s hair is, never speak badly about it or let her overhear you complaining about how much you dislike caring for it. If she hears you saying that you hate her hair or can’t stand detangling it, she will embrace those thoughts herself. Be encouraging, be positive, and demand others in her life to do so as well.

Don’t Be Negative About Other Naturalistas

We’ve all been known to judge a celebrity or popular athlete for their hair choices, but when your daughter is struggling to love her hair, it’s important that you are positive about women who’ve made the choice to go natural. If she overhears you talking badly about a woman with natural hair, she may be less accepting of her own.

Listen and Be Supportive

At the end of the day, your daughter will have to come to terms with her hair on her own. No one can force someone to love themselves, but you can help her get there by being a safe, supportive voice, listening to her feelings, and letting her know that you understand her position. Offer her reasonable solutions, and then give her a chance to figure it out.

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