Bantu Knot

These twisted mini-buns can be used as a protective hairstyle.

You can also create Bantu Knots specifically to take them out – check out our Bantu Knot Out tutorial.

Products Used:

Bantu Knot
Bantu Knot-step 1

Step 1:

Section hair into even triangular subsections.

Bantu Knot-step 2

Step 2:

Use You Be-Natural’s Soft Curls Curling Creme or Curl Shaper Custard to twist hair and form knot.

Bantu Knot-step 3

Step 3:

Sit under dryer until hair is completely dry.

Use Scalp Soother Ointment to relieve dry scalp.

Finished Style

Bantu Knot-final style